A new steam cannon system is developing!


ITMation is in the process of developing a new steam cannon system for replacement of steam boilers that are used in many theme parks for producing steam effects.

The main issue faced by theme parks operating steam boilers is that steam boilers produces and store steam at high pressures and stores it inside a pressure vessel. As steam boilers involves storing the steam under pressure, a licensed steam boiler operator needs to be stationed at the facility in order to operator the steam boiler, which is a considerable cost to theme park operator and in some cases difficult to retain the licensed operator as most theme parks do not have a large number of steam boilers to maintain.

The steam cannon on the other hand uses instantaneous heating technologies to heat up the water and can produce large amount of steam on demand with only a small time lag. The prototype equipment is expected to be ready for mock up testing end of 2019 and if successful, one of the major theme parks in Hong Kong will be adopting it to replace their current steam boiler system.