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  ITMation Ltd. (ITM) is one of Siemens preferred system integrators and certified solutions providers in Hong Kong. We are also as a supplier of Siemens process automation instruments and equipment for environmental protection,gas engineering etc. The main business includes:  

A、Industrial processes system integrators and solutions:

>Process Control and  RTU system for remote & monitor control
>SMS Control System GSM-GPRS
>Protocol Engine Modbus Driver for S7              
>Gas SCADA system
>SNG Mixing System with Active Flow Control
>SNG Mixing System with LPG/AIR
>Autogas Control System

B、Siemens process automation instrument and Reineke Gas measuring devices:

>Transmitters for pressure, temperature,flow and level
>Positioners for pneumatic linear and rotaty actuators
>Gas chromatographs, gas and liquid analyzers
>Components for weighing systems, belt scales, weigh feeders and solids flowmeters
>Instruments for process protection
>SIMATIC PDM software for control, maintenance and diagnostics
>Reineke Gas measuring devices 

C、Environmental protection equipment:

   Turbosonic Products
>Turbotak Wet Scrubber
>TurboVenturi Venturi Scrubber
>SonicKleen™ Wet Electrostatic Precipitator (WESP)        
>TurboSOx SO2 Recovery System
>SoniChem NCG Chemical Oxidizer
>Air Pollution Control System Upgrades
>TurboSorb Semi-Dry Srubber
>Dry Fog™ Dust Suppression
>SoniCool™ Evaporative Gas Cooling & Conditioning
>Turbotak Atomizing Nozzles
>SoniCore™ Atomizing Nozzles
>SonicBURN Waste Fuel Combustion

   Meckling Products
>Industrial MHDaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa >Light Commercial MHD Units
>Magnetic Strainers
>Magnetic Traps
>Bypass Units
>Multi-Media Filters

D、Gas engineering equipments

 >Ely Energy, Inc. Synthetic Natural Gas and LPG Equipments
>SNG Mixing System with Active Flow Control Panel
>SNG Mixing System Control Panel
>Autogas Control Panel


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