Qingdao 3D Interactive Ride Attraction

The Qingdao 3D Interactive Ride Attraction is the first of its kind in China to have cooperated a high-speed dark ride roller coaster experience with interactive gaming.

The attraction consists of nine 12-seat self-propelled ride vehicles (RVs) running simultaneously at high speed along a 689m closed-loop overhead track. Under control and monitoring from the ride control systems, including wayside system, onboard vehicle control system, and the communication network, fully designed, built and commissioned by ITM. This is the first ride system of this sophistication level to be designed by a Hong Kong engineering company!


Behind the scene

One of the design objectives of this ride system is to provide an enjoyable ride with high ride capacity without interruptions during the eight minutes ride experience for every dispatch. The 3D interactive ride provides the passengers with an "inside the movie" experience made possible by a "virtual chronograph" dispatch and monitor algorithm developed by ITM. The "Virtual chronograph" provides efficient and accurate synchronization between RV, AV system and wayside show sets. The algorithm also ensures the position and safe distances between the nine RVs. The concept was inspired by a mechanical chronograph watch with the timing hands running with different gears ratios and angular velocities but yet in perfect synchronization with the master escapement mechanism and with each other.

First full speed trial run was completed at an extraordinary night.


This project passed through the project life cycle, including the risk assessment with EN ISO 12100 documents submission for China Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute (CSEI) approval and control system design verified by TÜV SÜD according to IEC 62061 for Functional Safety and software life cycle. CSEI system cycle test verified under full load, part load and no-load conditions, and the safety functions SAT on site.


ITM team demonstrated the perseverance and determination to complete the project under extreme time pressure, weather conditions and long working hours.