The Water World Stunt Show is one of the most popular attractions in the theme park that offers spectacular flame effects as major creative elements. This is an adventure show with lots of gun fights and massive explosions. The original show was designed to use propane as a fuel for flame effect where the liquefied gas is stored inside a bullet tank. However, in Singapore, bulk storage of LPG is not allowed on Sentosa Island and the piped gas available on the island is a low calorific value city gas supplied at low pressure that does not produces a visible flame when burnt under broad daylight. In order to produce such spectacular flame effects under daylight conditions, we were appointed to help Universal Studio Singapore to design and build a gas mixing system that enriches the low calorific value piped City Gas with Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) in order to produce a brighter, more spectacular flame color.

Show Control - Seaplane Pyro System

ITMation took part in this attraction with the design and implementation of the atoll gate and seaplane pro control system. The show has a scene where a seaplane is being shot down and exploded. The explosion effects are simulated by firing the pyro charges on the seaplane. When the seaplane is launched from the back scene, the pyro system is triggered via wireless connection. A rigorous self-testing routine is performed each time after the fuses are installed to ensure all charges can be triggered on demand and will not misfire during the charging process. The pyro system on the Seaplane is controlled by a Siemens Safety PLC (Pyro PLC). The communication between Central PLC and Pyro PLC is using PROFIsafe Communication to make sure integrity of the communication.