3D Motion Theatre for Wanda Wuxi Movie Park - Final Sea Battle

This 3D Dynamic Ride is an indoor themed dark ride that combines the elements of high-dynamic propulsion platforms with 6-degree-of-freedom dynamic motion base platforms. Riders wearing 3D glasses can enjoy the distinct story themes, 3D audio and visual effects. During the ride, 13 ride vehicles travel through the show scenes with a maximum velocity of 3m/s. At each show scene, the RV will produce dynamic 3D motions with the propulsion, rotation and 6-degree-of-freedom dynamic platform that are synchronized with cinematic images, immersive audio and hair-raising special effects.

ITM designed the On-board Vehicle Control System, Wayside Control System and communication network system to control the RV’s 6DOF, rotating table and propulsion axis of all 13 RVs on the track.