Pacific Place Monorail

This is a monorail system to deliver the Christmas gifts from the packaging area to the dispatch centre. In order to make this system “alive”, ten giant hanging mobiles of gifts and toys will be strolled around via a 60 meters long curved track system where the patrons will experience these giant gifts “flying” over their heads.

In order to transform the designers’ imaginations into reality, Base Creative engaged with us to design and fabricate this giant hanging mobile system.

To propel the trolleys on the curved track, each trolley is equipped with a self-contained motion control system that keeps track of the trolleys’ real time positions and to control the propulsion speed of the trolley. In addition, a wayside control system keeps track of the position of each trolley and provide a virtual zone for each trolley to travel within. This zoning control mechanism ensures all trolleys can cruise along the track with sufficient safety distances from each other. If the wayside control system loses communication with any one of the trolleys for a predefined period of time, it will immediately cut off power to the insulated power rails on the track to stop all trolleys.